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“A love for our land, combined with a commitment to quality”

We strive to bring together experience and youthfulness, expressing our love for the land through a well-organised business project. OUR PROJECT


Our objectives:


        * Respect for the environment is our key starting point. We not only aim to preserve its natural riches, but also to raise awareness of the valuable man-made contributions to the landscape, such as La Ermita, La Mina, and the traces of our distant ancestors.


       * Encourage others to share in the riches of our land and experience it for themselves. We call this approach EMODESTINO: it involves activities such as exploring the local trails, enjoying educational tasting sessions, and taking in the spectacle of the breathtakingly clear night sky.


    * Produce premium olive oils of the very highest quality, while promoting the region’s unique and little-known varieties that we use in our products: namely, Pico-Limon and Azulejo.


        * Use these achievements to help create jobs and stimulate the local population, encouraging people to settle here.


        * Fight for our land with effort and sacrifice, treating its fruits with care and attention. Today, they call it “organic farming”, but for us, it means “tradition and love for our land”

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